Family sponsorships on the Philippines

A new start after the catastrophe

It was November the 8th, 2013, which should change the lives of thousands of children, women and men on the Philippines in a dramatic way. With top speeds of up to 315 kilometers per hour, the super typhoon „Haiyan“ hit the islands Leyte and Samar and left ruins, death and grief. Referring to official reports 6,200 people had lost their lives, hundreds of thousands the roof over their heads.

After the typhoon "Haiyan", many families are facing ruin. The humedica sponsorship program gives them help in these hard times. Photo: humedica

With a humedica family sponsorship you get the possibility to help the survivors in their hardest ever time.

On the island Samar, which has been destroyed by the typhoon catastrophe, families which have been hit particularly hard receive comprehensive help, adapted to their individual needs.

For school-age children the access to education is made possible, which is going to smooth their way into a secure professional future. Moreover, all families can make use of medical care, if needed.

In addition to that and within the scope of the so-called “Income Generating Activity“ program, adults get the possibility of building up an own business.

The men and women are being prepared for their self-employment by trainings and qualifications and so they are able to earn some precious extra income for their family.

The measures of the humedica sponsorship program take effect when families are refused the chance to help themselves. They thus lay the foundations for a positive future with perspectives. A future which you can offer by taking over a sponsorship.

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