Family Sponsorships in Nepal

Ways out of the catastrophe

On 25th April 2015 destroyed a severe earthquake with a strength of 7.8 on the Richter scale the lives of thousands of families in Nepal.

The rural areas outside the Nepalese capital Kathmandu were hit particularly hard, where the quake damaged up to 90 percent of all buildings and took the inhabitants the complete livelihood. Many people in Nepal are missing their income basis now. Tourist landmarks, public institutions as well as their own houses are destroyed. Due to these circumstances the return to the life before the disaster is impossible.

With the sponsorship program of humedica you have the opportunity, to help families who have been severely hit by the earthquake and you can accompany them on their way back to normality.

200 indigent families are fully and appropriately supported in mountain villages outside the capital Kathmandu. In order to secure their livelihood, the families regularly receive food and hygiene parcels, as well as access to free medical services.

To ensure the future prospects of the children, school education is financed with school material equipment and the mandatory school uniforms in Nepal. At the same time the new start of the parents is supported by further developments or seed capital for the establishment of small industries, such as their own herd of cattle or a tailoring.

All these actions aid the family at their restart after the catastrophe and accompany them on their way to a better future as well as show them that they are not left alone in this difficult time.

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