Family Sponsorship Program

In regions of our planet that are affected by poverty, disasters or war, it is children who suffer most.
Supporting their families, we alleviate the hardship of children and invest in a better future for them in a sustainable way.

Our commitment for hundreds of people in need has shown that a sponsorship is one of the best ways to help. It covers the family like a protective mantle: basic needs are provided for as well as medical and social care. These are important steps on the way to a better future.

Donate happiness – support a family
humedica offers the opportunity to sponsor a single person or a whole family. As an association or group, you can even support several families. As a sponsor, you pay only 12 € per family member per month and thereby, provide important assistance. Our program is embedded in communal projects. Thus, your help is also a continuing support for the whole community of your sponsored family. At the moment, we offer sponsorships in Ethiopia, Brazil, Nepal and the Philippines.

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