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How does a family sponsorship work?

  • Monthly contribution: 12 € per family member, for example 60 € for a family of 5 persons
  • Partial sponsorship: one family is supported by several sponsors who make partial contributions
  • Cancellation: the sponsorship can be cancelled at any time without explanation

In what way will the recipients benefit from your donation?

  • Monthly voucher to redeem for basic food stuffs and sanitary products
  • Free medical and dental basic care from humedica doctors
  • Regular consultations with a social worker who can assist with personal and family problems
  • Support through community projects – these projects are designed to strengthen the whole community, such as building preschools, providing clean drinking water, offering education or improving sanitary and housing conditions

What will you receive as a sponsor?

  • Basic information about the sponsored family with pictures
  • Updates about the family once or twice a year
  • General information about humedica’s work

How can you become a sponsor?

Use the application form online

Any more questions?

Please contact Ms. Cecilia Homilius
Tel.: 08341 - 966148 - 61

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