Family Sponsorships in Ethiopia

For the individual and the community

Ethiopia is the cradle of man and the home of one of the oldest cultures of the world. At the same time, however, Ethiopia is also a country, the population of which has suffered of great need and of structural poverty. The lack of food, poor education, impecuniosity and natural disasters make life a daily struggle. Sufficient internal counteracting investments cannot be made.

That’s why the people are dependent on help - on the help we are providing all together. With the family sponsorship program, humedica is providing this help on four different sites in Ethiopia and thus changes the people’s fates permanently and effectively.

The humedica sponsorship program is being conducted in two slums of the capital Addis Abeba, in the small countryside town Debre Zeyt and in the eastern Somali region around the settlement Jijiga.

Corresponding to the local needs, a sponsorship cares for the supply with the vital staple foods as well as for a reliable child care, school materials and for trainings which, among other things, aim at preventing illnesses and at learning about hygiene.

The sponsorships have also helped to finance two child-day-care-centers, where the children and teens get regular meals. Moreover, they profit from a loving care and additional educational aid, which has proved to be an essential part of our help: Diverse possibilities which include extra tuition in Math, English and Physics as well as sports- or computer classes, offer the children better chances to get an apprenticeship and to lead a self-determined life.

Moreover, in order to offer possibilities for the adults to secure their future autonomously, humedica has invested in the building up of small businesses. Financial help enables the purchase of the needed items for starting the business and specially organized trainings are held on relevant subjects which ought to help running a business successfully.

Especially regarding the sustainability and the help for people to help themselves, these businesses are already bearing fruit: Many of the sponsored families are successfully running their first businesses, in which they sell vegetables, bread or coffee, for example. Others could start the breeding of farm animals, the first of which they had received of humedica.

All these measures enable the families to assure them a stable income and accompany them on their way into a future full of prospects and autonomy.

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