Family sponsorships in Brazil

Ways out of the downward spiral

Brazil is a country of contrasts, characterized by poverty as well as wealth. Whereas one part of the population has profited from the country’s economic surge, the less privileged people are struggling against poverty and lack of prospects.

In many families, the parents are not able to offer their children any school education or apprenticeship. And every day, they are facing enormous challenges in order to earn enough money for their living. Employed as casual workers or day laborers, they are hardly able to set something against their deficient life situation.

In the outskirts of the city Nova Friburgo, about one hundred and fifty kilometers north-east of Rio de Janeiro, is situated the humedica Children’s Village Campo do Coelho, which is the basis of the sponsorship program. The housing situation of the people living in this “rabbit’s field” is characterized by instable sheds and general poverty. Moreover, every springtime heavy rain leads to sometimes catastrophic landslips. Circumstances, where the sponsorship program comes into action.

For the children, comprehensive aid programs are being offered in the children’s-day-care-center, including English, music and computer lessons as well as extra tuition, collective meals and various leisure activities.

The humedica sponsorship program backs families in need, breaks the cycle of poverty and thus represents a real chance for a good, for a better future.

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