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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Even before the acts of war, many people in Ukraine were living on the edge of existence. Now Ukrainians are facing bombardments. In the first 10 days after the outbreak of war alone, about 1.5 million people left their homes and fled to one of the neighbouring countries. humedica stands by their side and sends relief supplies such as blankets and sleeping bags, but also medical supplies to the region. In Moldova, we also pay heating costs for those who agree to take in refugees. In this way, we want to provide incentives to create more accommodation for refugees from Ukraine. Because the cost of living in Moldova has also risen enormously.

Within a very short time, people have left their homes behind and embarked on a long, arduous journey.

Johannes Peter


Since the beginning of the war on 24 February 2022, the people of Ukraine have been living in great insecurity. Many people are leaving their homes and trying to get to safety. Besides supposedly safer regions of Ukraine, neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania or Moldova are also targeted.

At the borders, people often have to wait for hours in their cars in the freezing cold. Some of them arrive correspondingly weakened and need help. Many are first accommodated in emergency shelters and are provided with blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene articles or food. But many shelters find it difficult to accommodate refugees, because the costs for heating and energy are constantly rising.

In Ukraine itself, on the other hand, the situation is confusing. Coordinated aid is very difficult to provide, and medical care is not guaranteed everywhere. There is a lack of medical supplies, for example for wound care.

How does humedica help?

humedica helps people who left their homes and are on the run with:

  • Medical items for basic care such as dressing materials, hygiene items and medical instruments.
  • Warming items such as sleeping bags or blankets and clothing
  • Financial support for refugee shelters in Moldova

The situation on the ground is dynamic. Therefore, we are in constant exchange with partners on the ground in order to initiate further aid measures if necessary.

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  • 10 € corresponds to the daily extra costs of a host family for energy, which takes in a family of 5 refugees
  • 60 € corresponds to medicine and dressing materials for 100 people
  • 8.000 € correspond to the medical care of 3.000 patients with our medikit
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Project Information

Time frame:  Feb. 2022 - Present

Type of Assistance: Relief Supply DeliveryMedical Emergency and Catastrophe Relief

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