Project Country: Uganda

Relief supplies for Uganda

By supplying urgently needed medicines, like different ointments for wound treatment and the treatment of skin diseases, humedica supported the partner organisation Vision for Africa in their effort to improve the living conditions of children in Uganda.

Many families in Uganda cannot afford education for their children. Through the support of Vision for Africa, several thousands of orphans and street children, as well as children from poor family backgrounds, can receive good education, adequate nutrition and basic medical care.

Through our aid deliveries, we want to do our share to create living conditions for children that enable them to make their own living later and to maintain the children’s health for a better future.

Articles about our work for this project

There are currently no articles.

Project Information

Time frame:  Jan. 2007 - Jan. 2007

Type of Assistance: Relief Supply Delivery

How humedica helps:  Lieferung von Medikamenten

Project Partners:  Vision für Afrika - Verein christlicher Nächstenliebe

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