Project Country: Uganda

Emergency relief for Congolese refugees in Uganda

Time frame:  Aug. 2013 - Feb. 2014

Type of Assistance: Relief Supply Distribution, Medical Team Missions, Medical Emergency and Catastrophe Relief, Relief Assistance

The violent conflicts that have plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo for many years have plunged the country into a serious humanitarian crisis, which manifests itself in frequent clashes between armed groups and the army.

In 2012 already, hundreds of thousands of people found themselves compelled to flee from the Congolese province of North-Kiyu to the neighbouring country of Uganda. In the following July, new conflicts erupted around the town of Kamango and led to a second wave of refugees seeking shelter in Uganda.

More than 60.000 people crossed the border to the neighbouring District of Bundibugyo and aggravated the situation in the west of Uganda, which had been difficult in terms of food and medical supply anyway, even more. Still, the number of people who need help is rising steadily.

Like in the year 2012, humedica provides immediate assistance once again. In cooperation with the American organisation of Medical Teams International (MIT), humedica ensures basic medical care for the refugees in the reception and transit camp of Bubukwanga, distributes relief supplies like mosquito nets and hygiene products and conducts trainings for the local staff.

Other relief efforts carried out byhumedica are the distribution of special dietary supplements for undernourished persons and the renovation of the camp’s health post.

Articles about our work for this project

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