Project Country: Philippines

Emergency aid for victims of typhoon Haiyan

Time frame:  Nov. 2013 - Present

Type of Assistance: Medical Emergency and Catastrophe Relief

Waves up to six metres high, top speeds of up to 380 km/h, one million people in emergency shelters: when news coverage had just begun, experts and the media were already speaking of the possibly strongest typhoon that ever hit land. Storm “Haiyan”, which translates as “storm bird” in English, wreaks havoc in large parts of the Philippines.

humedica immediately took action. Only few hours after the first news about the disaster reached the world, humedica already sent an aid team of six to the affected region, south of the Philippine capital of Manila, in order to start immediate relief efforts on site. These relief efforts are carried out in cooperation with the Swedish organisation SCM who has been running an aid project in the disaster zone for several years.

A couple of days later, the humedica team managed to take over the "Mother of Mercy" hospital in the centre of the extremely destroyed city Tacloban. Therefore, treatment options improved considerably. At the same time, a broad delivery of relief supplies could be realised.

Articles about our work for this project

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