Project Country: Niger

humedica clinic in Kollo

Time frame:  Dez. 2006 - Jun. 2020

Type of Assistance: International Long-Term Projects, Medical Emergency and Catastrophe Relief

Among the most significant problems occurring in West African Niger are a high infant mortality rate as well as a high number of deaths during childbirth. Venereal diseases, HIV/AIDS and other diseases pose an additional health risk.

Against this background, humedica, who had already delivered famine aid in Niger in 2005, decided to set up a clinic to offer medical care for the Nigerien population, with a special focus on mother-and-child care as well as obstetric care.

After long years of construction in the chronically undersupplied town of Kollo, the clinic called “Complexe de Santé Hosanna” was finally opened at the beginning of 2009. Situated about 35 kilometres south of the capital, Niamey, the hospital is run by humedica in cooperation with the partner organisation Hosanna Institute du Sahel.

The clinic has high medical standards and excellent equipment like, for instance, ultrasonic devices that are hardly available elsewhere in Niger, as well as the possibility to carry out complicated laboratory tests. For all these factors, the clinic has become a reference hospital for the whole district and the first address to receive medical treatment for many inhabitants of this region.

An important activity included in the programme of the humedica clinic are trainings and health education courses for the local population, which are aimed at the prevention of diseases. One goal is to teach mothers how to prepare a healthy and balanced diet for their children to prevent malnutrition and undernourishment.

Furthermore, the presence of humedica doctors and nursing staff at the clinic makes it possible to react quickly and adequately in emergency situations.

Thus, it has been possible, during a meningitis epidemic in 2009, to provide several ten thousands of people with a live-saving vaccination.

One year later, during a new famine, a nutrition centre was established for the treatment of undernourished and malnourished children.

In addition, trainings are held for the local medical staff to improve the quality of treatment at the hospital in the long term.

Thanks to a new hospital ward opened in 2010, patients with severe illness can now receive inpatient treatment.

As a result, the clinic in Kollo is making a significant contribution to the improvement of the region’s medical infrastructure.

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