Project Country: Niger

Flutnothilfe Niger 2007

Floods seem almost unimaginable in a country like Niger that is normally rather plagued by repeating droughts and famines.

And yet, in August and September 2007, unusually heavy rains caused numerous floods in the areas bordering the river Niger, thereby provoking an additional disaster for several ten thousands of poverty-stricken people in the West African country.

Whole villages composed of traditional clay huts disappeared in the floods. Many flood victims lost their homes and everything they owned. Drinking water pollution as well as the complete destruction of the crop posed another big problem for the population in the flooded areas.

Following a request by the Nigerien government, humedica transported relief supplies to flood victims in villages where no distribution had yet taken place.

Within the framework of our flood relief programme, several hundreds of families in the districts of Kollo, Tera and Dosso received so-called non-food items like blankets and mosquito nets so that they were able to protect themselves against hypothermia and disease carriers.

During our large-scale distributions, the families also received all the building material necessary for reconstructing their destroyed huts and, thus, regaining protection and security.

To enable farmers to irrigate their fields during the drought that would follow the flood season, humedica also provided the villages with water pumps. This measure was supposed to ensure a quick recovery from the crop failures caused by the floods.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Okt. 2007 - Dez. 2007

Type of Assistance: Relief Supply Distribution

How humedica helps:  Verteilung von Utensilien zur Errichtung erster Notunterkünfte, Verteilung von Utensilien des täglichen Lebens

Project Partners:  Hosanna Institute du Sahel, Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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