Project Country: Niger

Famine Relief Niger 2005

In 2005, a drought lasting for months, plagues of locusts, and the fact that the worldwide public did not respond to early warnings of an upcoming crisis led to a severe famine in West African Niger.

Millions of people were acutely affected, several hundreds of thousands of children at risk of dying from starvation.

Based in Bani Bangou, at about 250 km from the capital, Niamey, humedica established a nutrition centre in the department of Quallam to come to the aid of the hungry in this area.

The aim was to ensure the survival of the population in the project zone till the next harvest and beyond. For this purpose, humedica distributed life-saving high-calorie supplements for toddlers below five who were affected by or in danger of undernourishment, as well as food like sorghum, beans and oil for people of all ages.

More than 9.000 children and innumerable babies and toddlers were thus given medical treatment by our ten successive medical teams and saved from dying from starvation.

In addition, humedica set up a health care centre as well as mobile clinics where humedica doctors and nurses provided basic medical care to patients over several weeks.

The medical work done by humedica, as well as a programme of care for pregnant women, made a significant contribution to reducing the risk both of an epidemic outbreak and the spreading of undernourishment and malnutrition.

Trainings were held to enable the local staff to care for people in need on their own and ensure their food supply in the long term.

Our famine relief project was followed by another important support project for the region’s population that is still ongoing.

In the following years, a humedica mother-and-child clinic, including a nutrition centre, was built in the district of Kollo to care for undernourished children and offer counselling for mothers.

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Project Information

Time frame:  Aug. 2005 - Mär. 2006

Type of Assistance: Medical Emergency and Catastrophe ReliefRelief Supply Distribution

How humedica helps:  Verteilung von Lebensmitteln, Versorgung von Unter- und Mangelernährten, Basismedizinische Versorgung, Ausbildung von einheimischem Personal

Project Partners:  Kindernothilfe e.V., Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Helfende Hände e.V., Paramed e.V., Hosanna Institute du Sahel, World Food Programme (WFP), ABC-ecologie, Cellule de Crise Alimentaire, Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF-Spanien), Operation Blessing, Apotheker helfen e.V.

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