Project Country: Lebanon

Emergency aid for Syrian war refugees

Time frame:  Sep. 2012 - Okt. 2018

Type of Assistance: medical-emergency-and-catastrophe-relief, relief-supply-distribution-

In spring 2011 already, all the signs were that a devastating civil war would soon rage in Syria with disastrous consequences. Demonstrations, riots and violent attacks escalated more and more. More and more innocent people lost their lives or had to flee.

At the beginning of August 2012, the United Nations reported that about 132.000 Syrian children, women and men were seeking refuge in Syria’s neighbour countries. Their number is still rising daily. One of the countries where these displaced people, who found themselves in the midst of violent conflicts through no fault of their own, seek asylum, is Lebanon. At the time when humedica decided to send aid, the situation was not likely to improve in the near future and there was no end in sight to the endless flow of refugees.

Working with mobile clinics, humedica teams deliver medical aid to refugees in Bekaa Valley in the east of Lebanon. There, the newly arrived Syrians are given shelter in makeshift tent camps or in host families. Apart from delivering medical aid, humedica also distributed food and relief supplies.

Articles about our work for this project

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