Project Country: Ethiopia

Well construction for Ethiopia

Water means life. In contrast to Germany, there are many countries, like Ethiopia, where a sufficient water supply cannot be taken for granted.

Especially in the rural areas of Ethiopia, the population suffers from a severe lack of water. Where there is no water, adequate hygiene is not possible either, which can quickly lead to diseases as a consequence. This endangers the health of countless people, children and elderly in particular.

It is for this reason that humedica has set itself the target to tackle the lack of water by constructing simple pumping systems. These systems make it possible to pump water to the surface from a depth of 20 metres.

So far, the project has been started in several villages in the region of Sidamo near the town of Awassa.

Apart from supplying people with water, every single well also promotes education. Once the girls living in these villages no longer have to walk several hours to collect water, they finally have time to go to school.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Sep. 2009 - Dez. 2017

Type of Assistance: International Long-Term Projects

How humedica helps:  Brunnenbau

Project Partners:  Rotary Club Baden-Baden, Dietmar Köthnig

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