Project Country: Ethiopia

Relief Assistance for Yanbeli

Within the framework of humedica‘s supply assistance and aid delivery programmes, one of our goals is to provide medium or long-term supply for needy people in recipient countries which are given little attention by the media.

In Ethiopia, we cooperate with our project partner Alpha-Bet Äthiopien e.V. in order to provide several facilities with a wide range of aid supplies. In Yanbeli, south-west of the capital of Addis Abeba, our commitment benefits the urban hospital and a school.

Since the hospital has not enough medication for the treatment of its patients and the school cannot afford teaching materials, humedica supplies them with the equipment needed.

Our aim is to reach people for whom poverty and undersupply have become a daily challenge. To improve their everyday life and supply or make it possible at all, the facilities supported by humedica receive aid supplies via our partner organisation.

Articles about our work for this project

There are currently no articles.

Project Information

Time frame:  Okt. 2009 - Okt. 2009

Type of Assistance: Relief Assistance

How humedica helps:  Lieferung oder Finanzierung von Medikamenten, Lieferung oder Finanzierung von Sachgütern

Project Partners:  Alpha-Bet Äthiopien e. V.

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