Project Country: Ethiopia

Medical teams deliver aid in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries in the world. The country has difficulties both with the supply of food and medical care. Often, small hospitals and health posts work without a doctor, especially in rural areas. In the case of illness, many of the people who live in these areas cannot afford transport to the next hospital, not to mention treatment fees.

These are reasons enough for humedica to help by sending medical teams. On missions lasting several weeks, doctors, dentists and other health professionals care for seriously ill and injured patients, especially in villages situated in poor rural areas, whose inhabitants have rare or no access to medical care otherwise.

In order to provide these people at least with some basic medical knowledge, humedica also carries out training courses about topics like hygiene, basic medicine and disease prevention.

All these measures are supposed to help the rural population protect their own health in the long term.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Jan. 2007 - Present

Type of Assistance: Medical Team Missions

How humedica helps:  Medizinische Versorgung, Zahnmedizinische Versorgung, Schulungen

Project Partners:  Jugend mit einer Mission

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