Project Country: Ethiopia

Medical Team Missions for Prisoners

In the prison facilities of many developing countries, the living conditions are appalling. The prisons are hopelessly overcrowded lacking adequate sanitation to protect their inmates against diseases. Moreover, there is rarely a doctor to provide medical assistance to these people who have to live their lives isolated from and forsaken by the outside world.

In cooperation with its partner organisation, Prison Fellowship International, humedica carries out medical missions in prisons all over the world.

In the past, medical teams dispatched by humedica have repeatedly visited undersupplied prisons in different project countries.

Once arrived on site, humedica medical volunteers care for the inmates and their families as well as for the prison staff.

Motivated by a vision of Christian charity, the goal of Prison Fellowship is to assist prison inmates all over the world with reintegrating to society.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Sep. 1999 - Dez. 2012

Type of Assistance: Medical Team Missions

How humedica helps:  Medizinische Versorgung

Project Partners:  Prison Fellowship Äthiopien

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