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humedica Ethiopia

At the beginning of 2010, what had originally started out as a charitable association called "Kinderdorf Bethanien e.V.", became the local branch of humedica in Ethiopia.

Based in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Abeba, humedica Ethiopia was founded to fight poverty, its causes and consequences for women, children and families.

One of the key goals to escape the downward spiral of poverty is education. This is why many of the programmes run by humedica Ethiopia aim to provide education and vocational training for women, children and young people.

A day-care centre for children in Mercato, a poor quarter of Addis Abeba, offers extra tuition and all-day care for children so that their parents can go to work. Thanks to this facility, numerous street children get the chance of a better future through education.

Our sponsorship programme for families in Kazanchis and Debre Zeyt has similar goals. Apart from supplying them with food, sanitary articles and access to medical care, we provide the recipient families with opportunities and equipment for education and further training. Moreover, they can receive financial aid to start a small business of their own.

From the beginning, humedica Ethiopia has also become the base for our well construction projects and medical missions in poor rural areas of Ethiopia. Lately, humedica Ethiopia has acted as a reliable partner with a well-developed infrastructure for our famine relief project on the Horn of Africa.

In cooperation with humedica Ethiopia, extensive famine relief projects are being carried out successfully in the south of Ethiopia.

The situation in Somaliland is dramatic: Not only COVID-19 took the livelihood away from the people last year. To make matters worse, swarms of locusts ransacked the region, too.

The inhabitants of the district Salahley were hit especially hard: In August, one of the heaviest flood disasters ever destroyed houses, livestock and livelihood. Till date they have no access to clean drinking water.

Vegetable gardens and greenhouses, set up by the humedica partner TFDE in 2019 to provide families with healthy food in the long-term, have been destroyed by the floods.

How does humedica help?

  • 6 greenhouses with vegetable gardens
  • 10 families (about 70 people) per hothouse can feed themselves
  • 50 especially hard-hit families receive financial support
  • 75 € per month and family
  • House visits and support to survive in times of Corona
Kinder mit Bildung fördern

You can help

  • With 12 € for agricultural tools for a family
  • With 30 € for seeds for a family
  • With approximately 1300 € for a hothouse, which will provide food for about 100 people
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Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Jan. 2010 - Present

Type of Assistance: International Long-Term Projects

How humedica helps:  Leitung einer Kindertagesstätte, Brunnenbau, Versorgung der Familien mit Nahrungsmitteln, Versorgung der Familien mit Gütern des täglichen Bedarfs, Zugang zu Bildung, Basismedizinische Versorgung

Project Partners:  humedica Äthiopien

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