Project Country: Ethiopia

Gift from the Heart

For a large majority of people, living in this world means a daily struggle: a struggle for survival, against diseases, war and lasting injustice.

Especially children can do little to change these circumstances. Without prospects and protection, they are innocently exposed to the personal world they are born into and that is, much too often, a life-threatening world.

Every year at Christmas, humedica wants to bring many of these children a little ray of hope. For several years now, the Christmas parcel campaign “A gift from the heart” has been a solid part of humedica’s work for the children of the world.

The goal of this campaign is to make as many children as possible experience a happy Christmas by giving them a Christmas gift that comes from the heart.

In the past years, tens of thousands of Christmas parcels have already gone to several of our project countries around the world to make their recipients forget poverty and fear for a little while.

Just in time for Christmas, the gifts were distributed in nurseries, schools, hospitals and church communities and made children’s eyes sparkle with joy.

The situation in Somaliland is dramatic: Not only COVID-19 took the livelihood away from the people last year. To make matters worse, swarms of locusts ransacked the region, too.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Jul. 2010 - Present

Type of Assistance: Relief Assistance

How humedica helps:  Verteilung von Weihnachtspäckchen

Project Partners:  Sternstunden e.V.

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