Project Country: Ethiopia

Emergency aid for famine victims

Caused by the worst drought in the history of the Horn of Africa regions, up to ten millions of people in Ethiopia and its neighbour countries Somalia, Kenia and Djibouti are suffering a horrendous famine. In seemingly endless flows of refugees, hundreds of thousands have already fled the disaster areas in Somalia and sought refuge in enormous refugee camps in Kenia and Ethiopia. There, they hope to escape drought, hunger and violence prevailing in their home country.

By now, there are five large camps in Ethiopia, each housing tens of thousands of people, most of them women and children, living in the harshest conditions.

humedica decided to help in this situation and sent a first relief team to Ethiopia, which has been followed by other teams up to this day.

In Melkadida, one of the refugee camps in the south of Ethiopia, our doctors and medical professionals have since then offered medical treatment in one of the camp’s health posts and in a humedica health post of our own.

In order to guarantee the continuation of medical treatment in both health centres, humedica supplies them with high-quality medicines and provides urgently-needed nutritional supplements for malnourished and undernourished patients.

We also distribute so-called non-food items to tackle the lack of basic necessities among refugees. Hygiene products, kitchen utensils, solar lamps, mosquito nets and blankets, for instance, help people manage everyday life in the harsh surroundings of a refugee camp more easily.

Apart from the refugees, the local Ethiopian population is seriously affected by the consequences of the drought as well. They are in urgent need of water, food items and medical aid just as well.

Articles about our work for this project

Project Information

Time frame:  Jul. 2011 - Present

Type of Assistance: Medical Emergency and Catastrophe ReliefRelief Supply DistributionRelief Assistance

How humedica helps:  Basismedizinische Versorgung, Verteilung von Utensilien des täglichen Lebens, Verteilung von Hygieneartikeln, Verteilung von Lebensmitteln, Lieferung oder Finanzierung von Medikamenten, Lieferung oder Finanzierung von medizinischen Bedarfsgütern

Project Partners:  AHADA, Apotheker helfen e.V., Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, GOAL, IMC, Kale Hiwot, Kindernothilfe e.V., Nehemia Christenhilfsdienst e.V., Sternstunden e.V., ToughStuff international, UNHCR, ZOA-international, helimission, humedica Äthiopien, BILD hilft e.V. – Ein Herz für Kinder

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