My Christmas present

Help for people in need

You are tired of standard Christmas gifts? Then support aid for vulnerable people. Your Christmas donation to humedica enables us to assist people in their darkest hour. Regardless of whether you donate after a disaster or support long-term educational projects for a better future: Your Christmas donation helps.

Your donation for children like Melaku

Christmas is my favourite holiday! On Christmas Eve my mother bakes Ethiopian breads. We then sing and dance and party for four or five days.

Melaku, 6 years old, from Ethiopia

Melaku lives with his family in the slums of Kazanchis in Ethiopia. At Christmas the money is not always enough to fulfil the children´s wishes. But thanks to humedica he and his bigger brother Teklu get an education. His mother could even set up a small enterprise.

Let us join together in giving Christmas presents to children like Melaku. You enable us to provide humanitarian aid for families year-round. Make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need. Please help with your donation!

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There are many reasons why to donate to humedica

  • • You avoid unnecessary consumption.
  • • You enable aid for vulnerable people.
  • • By giving away a donation you can surprise your family and friends with a very special gift.
  • • You do not only show social commitment, you also make a meaningful gift with special value.
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We use your donation reasonably and effectively:

  • 40 years of experience in humanitarian aid
  • Projects all over the world in the fields of „emergency and disaster aid“ as well as ”education and family”.
  • DZI certified sensible management of donations
  • Low administration costs of approximately 12.6 per cent
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You are interested in our "Present from the heart" campaign and would like to register as a collection point? Please see here.

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