Time for solidarity: Our emergency relief work must continue!

Greatest humanitarian need for decades - 2017 requires continued support for worldwide crises

End of last year the United Nations had calculated for 2017 the highest need of humanitarian emergency relief since the end of the Second World War. According to this estimation 93 millions of people in 33 countries depend on help from the outside, at the same time there has never been a bigger lack of financial means to meet these challenges.

The recent interim conclusion after the first half of this year confirms this devastating forecast: the misery of the people in regions affected by crises and conflicts is constantly increasing! For us and our engagement in various ongoing crises over the past months as well as in the future can only translate into one thing: to commit ourselves even more to support as many people as possible by our work. Are you in with us?

With regard to the refugee migrations of the last two years it almost seems as if the worldwide misery is getting closer everyday. But it is a fact that, by global comparison, we are only marginally affected by humanitarian challenges such as flight, terrorism or poverty. In the last months our local and international teams therefore continued to engage on site in crisis regions like the Lebanon or Ethiopia, where our help was not only badly needed in the past, but still is indispensable today.

No end in sight

A country at the edge of resilience

Supported by the German Foreign Office, humedica teams provide important help for Syrian refugees in the East of the Lebanon since 2012: practitioners, midwives and pharmacists offer medical care for people in about 30 unofficial tent settlement near the Syrian border. They treat acute diseases, care for chronically ill patients, attend expecting mothers and transfer emergencies so they can be treated appropriately.

humedica Flüchtlinge Syrien Libanon

A humedica practitioner treats Syrian refugees in a camp near the Syrian border. Photo: Christoph Jorda

The urgency of our engagement in the Lebanon is mirrored in the high number of patients: more than 19.600 children, women and men were treated alone in the six months of 2017. As their home country is still torn apart by violence, there is only little hope that these refugees will be able to return to Syria in the near future.

For the humedica intervention team members it is an issue dear to their heart to assist the people in this continuing crisis as best as possible by providing medical care, listening to their worries and giving them, at least sometimes, a little bit of hope in their desperate situation.

Caught in the downward spiral

When crisis becomes everyday life

In the Ethiopian Dollo Ado region, three thousand kilometres south of the Lebanon, humedica teams have to meet similar challenges: also in this part of the world people live in a continuing crisis, they can only survive on help from outside. In the two Somalia refugee camps Melkadida and Kobe humedica therefore runs health care stations, which provided medical care for about 17.000 refugees alone in the last six months. More than half of these patients were children under five.

Like in the Lebanon also the aid measures for the refugees from Somalia have been running for several years now. But we have nevertheless to consider them still as emergency relief interventions as the living conditions in the refugee camps are too disastrous, the misery of the refugees is too pressing and their chances for a speedy amelioration of their situation are too small.

Fight against starvation

The situation continues to worsen

Many regions in the East of Africa do not only have to cope with this kind of challenges, they must fight a hunger crisis, too, which also affects the running humedica projects on site. Our medical team members treat an increasing number of diseases, which are caused by the insufficient supply with clean drinking water and food.

Hungersnot Hungerkrise Ostafrika humedica Somaliland

23 million people face starvation in the East of Africa – children suffer particularly hard. Photo: Wolfgang Zwanzger

At the same time the fear of epidemics is mounting. Under these conditions a cholera outbreak would claim thousands of casualties. humedica has therefore installed several contact points, where patients find swift help in a case of emergency.

Since May humedica distributes simultaneously high-calorie food in other affected areas in Ethiopia and Kenya. The most recent aid measure in our fight against starvation was the supply of suffering people in Somaliland, where a humedica team distributed about 40 tons of food together with our partner organisation World Concern.

Become part of our emergency relief aid!

Looking back at the past months´ activities of our emergency relief aid, it becomes evident that there is no alternative to our engagement in crises areas such as the Lebanon or Eastern Africa, which we have chosen today as example for many other emergency relief projects.

We are asking you therefore from our heart: please support our worldwide relief aid with a dedicated donation or become a humedica sponsor focussing on disaster relief interventions. Thus you will allow us to continue our vital humanitarian help for people in need. Thank you so much!

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