We had nothing to eat for days!

How you can help people in Pakistan to survive disasters

„There were days, when we had nothing to eat at all,“ says Shazia. „I do not wish anybody to experience such a situation.“ The mother of 12 lives in Rajanpur – a region in Pakistan. The country in South Asia is said to be one of the world´s nations most affected by the climatic change. Regularly, tempests or floods destroy the few possessions of the inhabitants. On top of all that Covid 19 came up.

Pakistan is a large country. Particularly in rural areas access to medical treatment is difficult. Furthermore, most people can not even afford the drugs they need urgently. Poverty is still increasing.

Food supply for people in need

Also Muhammed and his family depend on food supply. Photo: PMS

Originally, the sons of Muhammed planned to work in the city as day laborers. „The pandemic has made this plan impossible,“ he reports. „Left without any income we depended on food supply. We are so grateful that the donors of humedica helped us in this difficult situation.“

Together with its local partner PAK Mission Society (PMS), humedica helps also in the North of Pakistan vulnerable families to survive in the COVID-19 pandemic. In Lahore, a city with more than a million inhabitants, 140 families receive money to buy something to eat. Packed school satchels are provided, too, to ensure that children do not lose their access to education. When you have nothing to eat, you do not even think about buying school materials for your children. But if children do not receive a proper education, they have no chance at all to break this cycle of poverty.

Curious, this boy is looking into his new school backpack. Thanks to humedica´s support, it will enable him to attend school even during the pandemic. Photo: PMS

Help for self-aid after disasters

To make people fit for their future – this is what all humedica activities in Pakistan aim for. Like in Umerkot or Shangla. Here we prepare whole village communities to fight effectively the constantly increasing number of disasters. How to safeguard the crops from floods? How to provide first aid? These and other topics are dealt with in special trainings – where people also learn how to handle the emergency equipment, which is handed over to the village communities and which will be looked after by especially selected village inhabitants.

Please help us to make the people in Pakistan more resilient. Thank you so much.

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