Our Mission, Values and Goals

Understanding ourselves as a kind of humedica-family operating on international grounds, as a team friendly bonded, we act in accordance with affiliated values, visions and strategic goals for our work on behalf of people in need. Additionally, as a Christian, but interdenominational aid organization, we rely on God's guidance, His love, His protection and His blessing on all our activities in general and our lives in particular.

Mission Statement

We are an international community of professional and voluntary staff, donors and sponsors, who offer their means, abilities and gifts to serve people who are in need due to (natural or man-made) disasters or due to living conditions below poverty line.

We understand ourselves as mediator between those who are in need on the one hand and people and institutions willing to help on the other. Hence, we turn attention to situations of human misery, mobilize resources and render effective and efficient aid.

Our Core Values

While working for people in need we adhere also to these basic principles:

1. We regard humedica as an organisation that believes in God’s friendly providence and trusts in His guidance. Our institutional acting and behaviour shall be orientated towards this positive relationship to God.

2. It is important to us, that - being a Christian organisation - we offer Christians as well as non-Christians a platform to help people in need.

3. Due to the love of the neighbour - regardless whether he is far away or close by – we oblige ourselves to render our best possible services.

4. We consider authenticity in terms of actions and communication as particularly valuable.

5. Volunteer services are seen as an essential asset of our ministry.

6. We regard our courage and spontaneity for rapid aid as an indispensable value.

7. We want to appropriately respond to the basic needs of people in emergency situations and still carry on to consider also the special needs of the individual.

8. The “Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-governmental Organisations at disasters” forms the normative foundation of all our humanitarian actions.

Our strategic objectives

To ensure the impact of our relief, we adjust our work to strategic objectives.

  • To provide quality humanitarian services through staff, volunteers, partners and daughter humedica organizations.
  • To maintain and strengthen the personnel capacity and know-how required for humedica to achieve excellence in its humanitarian niche.
  • To serve as a linking-bridge between the needy marginalized world, and sources of aid (corporate and private) in medical and selected relief assistance areas.
  • To strengthen institutional capacity of local partners and daughter humedica organizations in their humanitarian & developmental work.
  • To add value to coordination and collaboration with relevant national and international agencies through sharing of ideas and experiences, helpful to improving quality of humanitarian actions.
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