How we use your donation

Since 2008 the yearly award of the DZE donation seal documents our transparent and responsible handling of donations. Our annual report publishes the current Annual Balance Sheet of humedica.

Use of funds by humedica in 2016

89,1 Cent of each donated Euro went directly into our humanitarian projects. The remaining 10,9 Cents were spent for administration, promotion and public relations. To use the largest possible share for our humanitarian work, we forego on paid advertisement, radio and TV commercials as well as all forms of online advertising such as display indicators or social media advertising.

We inform our friends, benefactors and donors via our websites and, the social media channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as by sending out topic orientated newsletters to our interested target audiences. We duplicate our press releases via our own networks and the paid service provider Meltwater.

The revenue of humedica consists of private donations and contributions such as donations in kind or cash, inheritances, fines and membership fees as well as contributions of companies and foundations. humedica generates further income via public funding by the Foreign Office and by the Federal Office for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as by interest and property income.

We present a detailed record of the expenses and the exact composition of our income in our Annual Reports, which are controlled by independent auditors.

Total workforce

At the end of 2016 humedica employed its first chairman as well as 62 full-time employees. humedica had also 9 project employees in foreign assignments and 9 workers in minor deployment as well as 1 trainee.

Compensation structure 2016

The compensation structure of the full-time humedica employees is based on a house pay scale, which orients on both the tariffs of the public social and health care sector and the compensation of the regional labour market of the free economy. The following annual salary structure was developed in cooperation with our auditing company:

  • General management: 53.000 to 63.000 Euro
  • Field management: 41.000 to 44.000 Euro
  • Administration: 21.000 to 39.000 Euro
How our humanitarian aid works
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