Supply Assistance

The humedica supply assistance is a crucial complementation to its emergency and disaster relief interventions as well as its long-term development cooperation. Each year humedica sends out 600 to 800 tons of aid supplies by road, ship or airplane for projects of their own or aid programs of partner organisations.

These humanitarian aid transports bring what is specifically needed on site: a wide range from sanitary products, medical equipment and drugs up to household items or food.

To verify that all aid supplies arrive where they are needed most, humedica identifies all recipients in advance and organises the distribution of the materials by humedica employees or reliable partner organisations.

The main part of these aid supplies goes to Eastern Europe, where people suffer from both insufficient health care systems and structural poverty and hence depend on humanitarian support. Thus numerous partner hospitals, residential homes and schools in the Ukraine und Romania receive badly needed aid deliveries.

But also countries further afield as Niger, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia or the Philippines benefit on a regular basis from the humedica aid supplies, which improve the difficult daily life of people over there significantly.

Do you wish to support the humedica supply assistance by a focused contribution or donations in kind? Then please contact our officer in charge for further information.

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