How we evaluate our work

Help must get through and make an impact where it is needed most! Already in the first steps of planning support measures humedica implements therefore the quality standards that underlie our work. While implementing its humanitarian interventions humedica uses internal and external audits to ensure the efficiency of its worldwide projects.

The employees of our subject group International Projects and Programmes (IPP) supervise all financial activities as well as the various institutional funding and accountabilities by standard mechanisms. If the humanitarian situation permits humedica performs an assessment before the start of a project in order to analyse the requirements in the region affected by a disaster or poverty and to edit them strategically. humedica designs its project planning with concrete logframes, which are also part of a detailed project application for institutional support.

Our most important instrument of internal supervision is the permanent monitoring of our projects, which audits systematically the implemented relief measures with regard to the goals set up in the course of the project planning and, if required, aligns them accordingly. The monitoring evaluates the regular reporting of projects, meetings, conferences and monitoring trips, it ensures the correct use of the funds by finance software and the dual control principle. Monitoring also includes qualitative questioning of the beneficiaries, the local employees and the partner organisations on how they personally asses the effects of the relief measures and what they would suggest to improve their effectiveness.

Photo: Wolfgang Zwanzger

Besides a thorough documentation in the project country and a concrete survey in the German headquarters of humedica, our internal supervision also comprises „lessons learned“ sessions with all employees concerned in order to trigger change processes and to realise optimisations in the middle and long term.

The German Central Institute for Social Issues, our sponsors, external institutions, coordinating committees as well as independent auditors carry out the external supervision of our relief measures by intensively evaluating all our project measures. In addition to our employees also independent auditors supervise the quality and effectiveness of our projects and give recommendations for future improvements. Another external monitoring is performed by our partner organisations, which control and evaluate regularly our aid measures.

By establishing these specific structures and processes based on international standards, we are able to implement lastingly new insights and concrete optimisations in the planning of current and future projects.

All these measures base on the passionate commitment and the professional performance of a very well trained project management team, which ensures maximum efficiency by competently realising international standards and processes.

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