Emergency and Disaster Relief

Whether it be a tsunami, an earthquake or a typhoon: Since 1999 the humedica medical intervention teams provide direct and urgently required support for people in need after catastrophes. They care for the injured, distribute supplies and offer attention and consolation.

Instructed by trained coordinators, the voluntary intervention teams provide emergency aid for about two weeks, before they are replaced by other teams. To enable the medical team members to focus fully on the care of the sick and injured, coordinators handle the course, organisation and implementation of the disaster operation.

On the way to their mission area the humedica intervention teams carry with them medical equipment and drugs for the first aid of up to 3.000 patients. Depending on the requirements, translators and media coordinators complement the teams.

Till date about 500 health professionals and 120 coordinators have been registered in the humedica data base after a specific operational training. They are ready to leave only hours after the outbreak of a disaster. To secure the necessary infrastructure and local expertise, humedica cooperates closely with local on-site partner organisations and aid agencies.

Thanks to long-term experience and diligent preparation humedica intervention teams are time and again among the first to reach the disaster area. As the Philippines were struck by the destructive forces of the typhoon „Haiyan“, humedica was able to send out the first medical team to provide help and assistance in the affected region.

Apart from first aid and assistance after natural catastrophes the humedica teams also provide crucial medical aid for people affected by epidemics, military conflicts, famines as well as in refugee camps.

Do you think about joining a humedica intervention team? Then please apply for the obligatory humedica intervention training or feel free to contact our officer in charge for further information.

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