Long-term Development Cooperation

Apart from support on short notice after disasters and military conflicts, humedica also engages in focused long-term projects in developing countries for people in need suffering from a poor supply situation and defective education and health systems.

To ameliorate the access to medical care humedica constructs and manages healthcare stations and hospitals. In schools, kindergartens and day-care centres humedica offers children both a secure environment to play and learn and a chance for a better future.

The overall aim of the humedica development initiatives is to support people in need lastingly: to offer them an independant and promising future, a persistent way out of the cycle of poverty and distress according to the principle “help for self-help”.

Often these long-term projects are born out of disaster relief interventions and focus on the core fields of reconstruction and health. Since the severe famine in the Horn of Africa region humedica runs a large health station in the Ethiopean-Somalian refugee camp Melkadida. After the disastrous typhoon „Haiyan“ in den Philippines humedica could renovate completely a destroyed hospital at the city of Tacloban and hand it over to the local authorities.

Finally there are the long-term planned interventions of humedica medical teams that provide concrete medical care in chronically underserved areas, prisons and partner hospitals for suffering people.

Are you interested to join in our long-term development cooperation activities? Then please apply for the obligatory intervention training or contact our officer in charge for further information.

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