Information, registration and cost issues

Prerequisites for the participation in all medical missions are the participation in the humedica training camp and a good command of English.

To take part in a misson, medical expertise as well as a good physical and mental condition are indispensable. Moreover, participants should be aware of the fact that the missions can involve a risk to personal safety due to the political and social circumstances (civil war, crime, etc.) in the countries of destination.

A mission in a crisis area can involve significant dangers to life and limb as well as to one’s personal belongings. In addition, missions in some countries are associated with significant health risks (epidemics, diseases, hygiene problems, etc.).

Participants carry out the tasks assigned to them totally at their own risk and responsibility. humedica and its managing board are indemnified against any claims for compensation associated with the tasks indicated before, regardless of the legal theory asserted.


Please use the attached application form below for medical missions with cost-sharing. For missions financed completely by humedica just call or send an email.

Participants will be selected by a humedica-appointed board, which tries to make an objective choice based on medical and organizational criteria. We ask for your understanding that not all applicants will be chosen.

Our long-term missions should also create an opportunity for participants with little experience to gain their first practical insights in a so-called Third World country. Applicants who are not chosen for a humedica team will receive a written notice. It is possible that a mission may be cancelled due to a lack of applicants.

Are you interested in taking part in one of the planned missions?

If so, we kindly ask you for contacting us or forwarding us your application. For any further queries please contact Petra Berwanger:

phone: +49 (0) 8341 - 966 148 31

Who cares about what?

humedica will take over all payments in advance.

The prices indicated are based on the actual ascertained costs for:

  • Flight, including Rail & Fly if available, feeder flights over 100 Euro must be payed by the participant
  • Visa
  • Accident and foreign health insurance
  • Administration

The participants take care of:

  • Vaccine protection, vaccine prophylaxis (Possibility of consultation with BARMENIA)
  • Personal working equipment (according to agreement with humedica)
  • Travel to and from the airport in Germany at their own expense

humedica will organize:

  • Flight tickets, including Rail & Fly if available
  • Accident and foreign health insurance
  • Visa

The project partner in the country of destination:

  • will organize the complete course of the mission in the project country

Arrival and departure:

The relevant for all participants airport is Frankfurt/Main. The participation fee was calculated on this basis. Exception: Participants who depart from another country. In this case, the fee will be calculated individually.

In order for humedica to issue a donation receipt for received payments, the project reference needs to be written on the bank transfer form (for example "PF Benin 02/18). Participants can also request donations towards to cost fo the outreach from friends and relatives.

Here we also ask the donator to note down the specific reference on the bank transfer form. If desired, humedica can provide publicity material for a fundraising activity.

If the expenses turn out to be higher than the participation fee indicated before, humedica will pay the difference. If the expenses are lower than calculated, the surplus amount will be credited for further project costs e.g. the purchase of medication.

Once an applicant has committed to take part, their participation in the mission is obligatory. In case of a withdrawal from participation, the costs incurred in the meantime must be refunded to humedica! If desired, each participant can take out a travel cancellation insurance. The costs for this will be added to the participation fee! For all missions please forward your application at least two months prior to the start of the mission.

The humedica travel fund

The humedica travel fund came into existence at the beginning of 2011, following the idea of Dr. Astrid M. Offer from Cologne: “The aim of the so-called travel fund is to promote those who would like to go on a volunteer mission by means of a financial support. Some people have enough time, but lack the necessary means to pay the whole amount of travel costs for participating in a humedica project completely by themselves. Here, the fund can help and, on request, co-finance up to half of the flight and travel costs.

So the travel fund is for volunteers who cannot raise the necessary means for a mission with participation fee. The maximum support available from the travel fund is 50 % of the corresponding participation fee.

The examination and approval of the request for support will be carried out by humedica. The participant must explain the reasons for their request in a written (informal) statement.

Application form

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