Relief Aid & Reconstruction

After disasters like earthquakes or typhoons the volunteer humedica intervention teams provide immediate medical aid for sick and injured persons. The committed helpers are regularly among the first intervention teams on site in the disaster areas, where they treat hundreds of patients a day. Also after the acute emergency relief aid humedica stays on site and supports the affected regions in their reconstruction efforts and on their way back to normal life before the disaster.

Thus we help in Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in the Himalaya region in April 2015 humedica sent out immediately medical intervention teams in the crisis area to care for the surviving people. In the Sindhupalchok district, which was affected quite badly, the volunteers provided basic medical care and distributed essential aid supplies in the first weeks after the disaster.

When the acute emergency relief work ended, humedica stayed on in the country and took care of the psychological treatment of trauma patients. humedica also engaged in the distribution of aid supplies and the reconstruction of the destroyed accommodations: about 250 homeless families in the Dalchoki municipality, situated at the height of 2.000 meters, received new houses.

As a humedica sponsor you enable immediate emergency relief aid after disasters like the one in Nepal and support the affected people on their way back to normal life.

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