The humedica sponsorship

Immediate relief aid for disasters and sustainable support on the way out of misery

The supporters of humedica engage worldwide for the victims of disasters and ensure the basic supply of people in need by sustainable cooperation in development work. To carry out this work humedica depends on regular donations.

If you decide to support humedica with a sponsorship you enable us to react immediately after disasters, to work with monthly predicable funds and to reduce administrative efforts. Your regular contribution goes to people, who need your help the most. You can opt for a focus, which is particularly dear to you.

Become a humedica sponsor

What can you expect as a humedica sponsor?

  • Extensive information on your funding priority.
  • Two times a year new reports on the implementation of your donation.
  • A yearly donation receipt.
  • Optional monthly newsletter on the activities of humedica.
  • The opportunity to visit either a project of your funding priority or the humedica administration department.
  • The guarantee to retain the possibility to end your contribution any time without giving reasons.

Sponsorship Priorities

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