Health & Medical Care

Poverty, hunger and lacking hygiene standards go hand in hand and block access to medical care for millions of people worldwide. humedica addresses this emergency situation with the construction and management of health care stations and hospitals in countries like Sri Lanka, the Niger or India. This project work is complemented by regular interventions of volunteer humedica medical teams in undersupplied development countries such as Ethiopia or Sudan.

Thus we help in India

Approximately one third of all Indians lives in extreme poverty and has to survive on less than one US-Dollar a day. The resulting under- and malnourishment leads again and again to health problems, which can not be treated without medical help. The situation is aggravated by the lacking knowledge about infectious diseases and how they are spread, the consequence of which is a high rate of HIV and tuberculosis infections.

In cooperation with our local subsidiary humedica India we work to improve the health care situation and to make the most important hygiene rules known. In the South Indian city Kolar Gold Fields a hospital is under construction, which will serve as contact point for the ill people in this region. In the North of the country the humedica volunteers support another clinic, which is the most important caregiver for all sick persons in the region.

As a humedica sponsor you become a part of this relief aid and assist the humedica helpers in building up long-term health care structures for people in need.

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