Children & Education

Time and again the smallest members of our society are those, who suffer most from poverty, neglect and the lack of prospects. The children relief projects of humedica address this particular point by offering boys and girls a secure place to learn and play. In development and threshold nations as Ethiopia, India, the Kosovo or Brasil humedica runs day care centres and schools, which help children on their way to a better future.

Thus we help in Ethiopia

Thus we help in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries of the world and many of its inhabitants suffer from great misery, structural poverty and the shortage of food. For many Ethiopian children life in the slums and the lack of educational prospects mark an everyday life, they can not escape on their own efforts.

Therefore humedica helps at several premises around the capital of Addis Ababa as for example in the humedica children day care centre in the Kazanchis district, where about 60 boys and girls receive warm meals as well as medical care and profit from both education and leisure programmes. Private tutoring helps to improve the academic standing of the children and to increase significantly their chances for a better future.

As a humedica sponsor you become a part of this relief aid and help to improve lastingly the life of indigent children, for example in Ethiopia.

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