Present donations!

A creative gift supporting people in need

The humedica HelpCard is a gift card, which allows you to support humedica in their help for people in need.

How to give away a humedica Helpcard:

Step 1:
You buy a HelpCard online at (Please note that the humedica HelpCard Shop is available in German only)

Step 2:
You present the HelpCard to a person of your choice. You can send the HelpCard directly to your recipient or you can hand it over personally.

Step 3:
If you buy a HelpCard worth more than 50 Euro you receive a tax-deductible donation receipt upon request at the beginning of the following year. To receive this receipt, please take care to mark the option "I would like to get a tax-deductible donation receipt" while ordering your Helpcard. Thank you!

How to cash your HelpCard:

If you have received a HelpCard, you can redeem the voucher amount for a humedica relief project of your choice. To do so, please visit our HelpCard online shop and choose the menu item "To cash my HelpCard". (Please note that the humedica HelpCard Shop is available in German only)

Opt for a project and click the button "Donate now". Then enter the 16 digits of your individual HelpCard code as well as the four digits of your PIN on the reverse side of your HelpCard. If you have successfully entered your data, you will support a relief project of your choice and make an important contribution to improve the lives of people in need. Thank you so much!

The humedica Helpcard: a very special kind of gift!
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