Joint commitment of companies and their employees

More and more companies place emphasis on the cooperation with their entire workforce or dedicated teams to take on social responsibility and to engage for people in need. There are many ways how to engage internally as a company for humedica while fostering the team spirit. We are happy to present you some of the most popular possibilities below. Please contact us to find a suitable way for your company to engage.

Remaining-Cent Campaign: Round-off please!

Simple and efficient: all employees, who wish to take part in the Remaining-Cent Campaign, will donate the decimal cent-amount of their monthly wage, i.e. they volunteer to round off to the next Euro. The accounting team can automatically deduct the generated amount, amass it and pass it on as a joint donation. Thus you can support regularly the worldwide relief work of humedica.

To ensure the smooth running of the campaign your staff and its representatives should be involved from the start and every employee should sign a declaration of consent. Then you are ready start an innovative donation campaign anybody can afford

Matching Gifts: Two are better than one!

Is there any better motivation than the promise to double the amount of your own contribution? If you initiate a “Matching Gifts Programme” your employees can donate an amount of their choice or organise a collection. The company finally doubles the sum of all contributions, so the donation of each employee counts twice.

The Matching Gifts Programme does not only aim at involving every employee, it also strengthens the team spirit of employees and company management. The joint objective of this campaign to help people creates a lasting bond and can easily be repeated every year.

Charity Event: Party with added value!

Whether you opt to organise a benefit concert with a local band, to participate in the big Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“, to exhibit photos of humedica projects or to coordinate a run4humedica company run: there are many different ways to support humedica with the organisation of a charity event.

Find your own way to support humedica´s relief projects with the revenues of an event that relates to your company. We are looking forward to assisting you to chose and organise an adequate event. According to availability we are happy to attend the event if you wish so.

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