Support a particular project

Within the worldwide aid projects of humedica time and again there are countries and projects, which receive only small contributions due to the lack of public interest or their longstanding emergency situation. It is very difficult to raise funds for such relief projects in order to help the people affected by those “forgotten disasters”, sometimes it even proves impossible.

If your company sponsors such a particular project, you ensure that we can help nevertheless. The amount of 3.000 Euro a year is needed to give new hope to indigent people by implementing concrete and effective relief measures.

Together we will find a project that relates to your company. We are looking forward to assisting you!

What can we do for you if your company sponsors a particular project?

  • You will receive a yearly donation receipt.
  • You can use the humedica donor logo for your online marketing channels.
  • We provide you with a humedica donor certificate for display in your premises.
  • We are happy to organise an official hand-over event of your donation.
  • A humedica employee will come to your premises to give a presentation.
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