Donations in kind

Your product donation for our supply assistance – together we make a difference!

Supply assistance is an essential part of both the emergency and disaster relief aid and the long-term development cooperation of humedica. Each year humedica sends out more than 500 tons of supply goods by truck, ship or airplane to support its own projects or aid programs of partner organizations.

Medical and technical equipment for our mother-child clinic in Niger, medicaments for charity pharmacies in Romania, baby food and clothes for our kindergarten projects, toys for the Christmas campaign „Present from the heart“ or drugs and sanitary products for our medical disaster interventions – surely also your company could support the humedica relief aid measures with a suitable donation in kind.

Urgently needed supply goods:

  1. Dressing materials, medical consumer products (gloves, suture material etc.), disinfection agents
  2. Incontinence products (diapers for adults and children)
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. School materials (books, pens, school satchels)
  5. Surgical instruments and devices
  6. Food & baby food
  7. Clothes, sportswear, shoes, trainers

Our destination countries

In many parts of the world the situation for victims of disasters, homeless people, poor families, disabled children or elder people is dramatic. Without supply assistance families, which suffer blows of fate, have no livelihood at all in countries like Moldova or Ukraine. Your donation in kind supports our refugee relief aid in Italy as well as people, who live in abject poverty in Egypt, Albania or Romania. humedica supply assistance goes hand in hand with health care. In particular hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions in countries such as Benin, Haiti, Niger, North Korea and Chad benefit from this kind of help, which supports their efforts to provide people in need with access to health care.

Our quality criteria

  • You support an organization with DZI seal of approval and 40 years of experience.
  • You receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.
  • As a certified wholesale distribution partner of drugs (GDP) we stand for professional management.
  • Supply good transports comply with specific needs on site.
  • humedica identifies all recipients beforehand to ensure that assistance goods arrive where they are needed most.
  • Supported projects are visited regularly by humedica employees.
  • We are happy to provide you with reports on how your donation was used.
  • You are welcome to visit a beneficiary project in person.

Voices from the humedica business circle

In Germany and Europe, companies of different size and from varying industries support humedica. They form the humedica business circle. humedica´s partner enterprises are connected by their social engagement and their strong sense of values – a good basis for successful business. humedica invites all companies, who engage in form of financial support, services or donations in kind, to networking events with top-class speakers. Lastly, we were honored to welcome Tom Enders, the former airbus top manager. Become a member of the humedica business circle by donating and bring charity into action!

We at Zalando cooperate with many people all over the world. As a global enterprise, we put high importance on humanitarian aid. With a strong partner like humedica on our side, we have the opportunity to recognize needs in international crises early on and to respond quickly. Together we could already reach and support thousands of refugees, victims of disasters as well as poor families with our products and donations.

Salah SaidCorporate Citizenship Manager, Zalando SE

For 20 years now L&R collaborates with humedica e.V. in the field of product donation. Not only our long history shows that this cooperation works exceptionally well. It is characterized by mutual confidence, reliability, transparent communication and documentation as well as a smooth donation process. We are proud to have humedica e.V. as our partner for the requirement-orientated distribution of product donations and thus to be able to contribute noticeably to improve the health care for vulnerable people directly on site nearly all over the world.

Maria SpengerPublic Relations / Head of Product Donation, Lohmann und Rauscher GmbH

It´s as easy as that: the donation process

After the earthquake in Albania: What your donation achieves

The earth trembles. Deep cracks in the walls. Rubble falls from the ceiling. An unbearably loud sound starts to extend. People are hurt, buried and jammed under pieces of debris.
After an earthquake, no stone is left standing on another. In just minutes whole families are torn apart and people become homeless. Without any prior warning and without anyone´s fault, one moment changes life in whole regions. Like 2019 in Albania, where the worst earthquake for centuries claimed more than 50 lives. 650 people were injured and about 30.000 became homeless according to official information.
Mira and her family live in a small house in Albania. She is sleeping besides her five-year old son, when suddenly the floor begins to tremble. The house comes down. She is deeply shaken, it will take her a long time to assimilate these tragic events.

We have survived, but we have lost everything. humedica provided us with medical care as well as food, blankets and sanitary products. If nothing at all is left, you notice how important even small and common things are in live. Thank You, to humedica and to everybody, who helps.

MiraThe mother of four lives with her family in Peza, Albania.

Professional and transparent aid

Make a difference for people, who often fall on ill times through no fault of their own. Refugees, lonesome seniors, handicapped people or poor families – all of them have a right to health care, to food or education, regardless of their origin. Please contact us. Your help will arrive safely, where it is needed!

Join in and contact us: Your product donation changes lives!

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