Donation on occasion

Whether you plan a jubilee, the birthday of your general manager or the next holiday: time and again companies must find appropriate presents for impending events, which are meant to please the donees. Why not avoid presents, which are often superfluous, and support people in need instead?

If you opt for a so-called “Donation on occasion”, you do not only fulfil your company responsibility in an easy way, but at the same time strengthen the community spirit of your enterprise. It is up to you how much and for what you want to donate. We are there to assist you in the planning of your donation and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Christmas donation

Surprise your customers and employees with a donation for the worldwide relief aid of humedica instead of the usual Christmas presents. Thus you do not only give sensibly, you also point out your social engagement to your clients and partners. Decide for yourself whether way you prefer for your Christmas donation: a classical monetary contribution or humedica HelpCard.

Company anniversary

If a major company anniversary is impending, the enterprise itself as well as clients, partners and friends often look for a way to express their attachment. With a jubilee donation to humedica your company can add sensible value to its festivity. You can ask your guests as well to forgo presents and to make an optional donation to humedica instead. Thus you associate your celebration with meaningful social engagement.


Your birthday is coming up, but you are already perfectly happy? Then ask your employees, colleagues and partners to dispense with presents and to give a humedica HelpCard or make a contribution to humedica for people in need. It is up to you to decide how your birthday donation takes place. This way you show your social commitment and act as example for your employees and partners.

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