Present a Christmas parcel!

Many children of the world live in poverty and have never held a Christmas parcel in their hands. Put a smile on the faces of these little boys and girls and let the humedica helpers prepare a “Gift from the heart” for them.

Life in this world is for the majority of the people a daily struggle: for survival, against diseases, war and permanent injustice. In particular children have nothing to oppose this situation. Without prospects and protection they are at the mercy of the much to often life-threatening living conditions they were born into.

Since several years now the campaign "Gifts from the heart" is a fixed part of the engagement of humedica for children all over the world. The aim of this campaign is to create a happy Christmas celebration for as many children as possible by treating them to a Christmas parcel given from the heart.

Support us to bring Christmas joy in the poor regions of our world and to turn the feast of love for little ones from needy families into a memorable experience!

In humedica project countries such as Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ethiopia, the Lebanon or Sri Lanka, which are further abroad, the local volunteers of humedica on site will pack lovingly a „Gift from the heart“ thanks to your donation. The equivalent value of a parcel amounts to 15 Euro.

Donate now for your "Gift from the heart“
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