Tigray: Three quarters of the population threatened by famine

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Many people in the Tigray region are traumatized. Together with the partner MCMDO humedica cares in particular for the health of women and children. Photo: MCMDO

Only scarcely the horrendous reports from the North Ethiopian Tigray region reach the world. And who dares to transmit them has to fear for his life. Since the beginning of the hostilities in November our local partner „Mothers and Children Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)“ is active on site. MCMDO it one of the few organizations at all, which is currently able to provide emergency aid in this crisis area. This is only possible thanks to your donation.

Eyewitnesses from the Tigray region report atrocities, which can be hardly surpassed. People have been executed in cold blood, women raped, whole villages ethnically cleansed. Health care has virtually come to a standstill, most clinics have been plundered and destroyed. „The medical staff was often killed or had to flee“, our helpers on site report. „Most medical equipment does no longer exist, drugs are not available, reorders not obtainable any more, ambulances are lacking, too.“

Many clinics in the Ethiopian Tigray region were raided and destroyed. Health care in the crisis area therefore has nearly come to a standstill. Photo: MCMDO

MCMDO takes care of those who are suffering most from the consequences of the conflict: women and children. According to the UN, 4.5 million inhabitants of Tigray, that is three quarters of the population, are threatened by famine although the land is fertile. But due to the hostilities crops could not be harvested or had been intentionally wrecked.

„Each day our team has to face life-threatening situations, it works directly on the battle fronts every so often,“ our resident partner tells us. Mostly helpers assist mothers, who are not able to feed their kids due to malnutrition. Thanks to your support humedica can find and treat these malnourished women and children and provide them with high-colorific supplementary food in order to save their lives. We also train the health personnel and the mothers on how to behave in order to prevent child mortality.

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