Tangible poverty in Romania

Supply aid at the end of the world


The ongoing bad economic situation and the underfinanced social system cause widely spread poverty particularly in rural regions. Since 1998 humedica provides supply aid in Romania – never more necessary than now, when so many day laborers have lost their income due to the pandemic. Disease or bigger injuries mean ruin for most people here. Together with our project partners we support medical and social institutions with various relief goods and provide necessary help for needy people in order to help them to get on with their lives.

Without your sponsoring there would not be enough money for most things. Each day people have to decide what is needed most. Almost everything is lacking.

Europe´s poorhouse

In Romania, per cent income and living costs diverge especially far apart. Hungarians and Roma are the two biggest ethnical minorities in Romania – in particular in the systematically ostracized Roma group the problem of structural and continuous poverty is tangible. Permanent employment and regular income are virtually non-existent. As schools had to close, everyday life changed drastically especially for children. At home, many endure not only fundamental poverty, but also violence.

Sweets are an absolute rarity here.

Since 2011 humedica supports our partner Prison Fellowship Romania (PFR) on site with regular supply good transports containing clothes, food, furniture, drugs and clinic equipment. Together we engage for prisoners and their families, but also for numerous other vulnerable groups.
PFR works closely with the ministries of justice and for social affairs, with parishes, hospitals and other NGO´s aiming to rehabilitate especially endangered and vulnerable people in need and to integrate them into society. Never our help and your donations were need more urgently.

Escaping poverty can not be achieved alone

The former accommodation of the family looked more like a provisional arrangement: a wooden shack without heating, water or electricity. The new house, which is in a good condition, is being paid off with an iron will. As a welcome present the villagers presented firewood and dried pork.

To break the cycle of poverty without support from outside is particularly difficult. The example of the Lingurar family shows that - with your help – there is still hope. Every day the children used to look for exploitable or resaleable items on nearby waste sites. The large Roma family worked hard to achieve a better life on their own and was said to be well integrated into both the village community and congregational life. That they were nevertheless living under poorest conditions without electricity and heating, did not escape the village priest, who talked to PFR about the Lingurars. The biggest dream of the family, a real house, has already come true. Still, the family saves with an iron will to pay off the debts as soon as possible. Our supply goods such as food, warm clothing, shoes and hygiene articles help to meet the most basic needs. They also ensure that more money can be saved and that the children no longer have to check the surrounding dumps.

With approximately three per cent the Roma population is the second biggest minority in Romania. These people, who live on the outskirts of society, still have no share in prosperity. That is why humedica delivers donations in kind to Romania. Our partner PFR, which receives the supply goods, aims to help parishes to break the cycle of poverty with the so-called „community aid program“.
Many inhabitants have already understood the advantages of change and welcome the new living conditions. They nevertheless guard their cultural wealth and their close sense of community. In order too succeed the various setscrews for inducing change are as important as the broad support network.
humedica is proud to have promoted this development with the donations in kind. Your contribution has been indispensable!

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Your donations make it possible ...

to improve the lives of families like the Lingurars and to give hope to the generations to come even during the difficult times of COVID 19.

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