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Storms and locusts destroy livelihood

How to support help for self-help in Somaliland with 30 Euro


Like so many others this Somali woman lost her livelihood due to the storm and the locusts. Together with our partner Tearfund Germany we help the people in Somaliland to rebuild the destroyed greenhouses. Photo: Tearfund Germany

„Nabad Iyo Caano“ – this Somali greeting literally means „peace and milk“ or „peace and what you need for a living“. Last summer, the people in Salahley, a district of Somaliland at the Horn of Africa, have lost this livelihood all of a sudden. At first locusts eroded the crops and thus also destroyed the livelihood for the years to come. Then in August, a heavy storm did not only bring on floods, it also destroyed the hothouses, where people had planted for example tomatoes, spinach, several sorts of peppers as well as cucumbers.

Only just the village community had completed the greenhouses. These allowed the families to provide for themselves but also to sell part of the vegetables at the markets or in local shops. Together with our partner Tearfund Germany humedica wants to help the people to rebuild both their gardens and their livelihoods.

For that your help is needed.

This man is standing in front of the ruins of the greenhouses. No more than a few components could be saved and used for the reconstruction. Photo: Tearfund Germany

Somaliland is an autonomous region of Somalia, de facto independent, but not recognised. 3.5 million people live here at the Horn of Africa. The political situation is said to be considerably more stable as in the rest of Somalia.

Together with Tearfund Germany and the people in the affected villages we would like to rebuild vegetable gardens for 110 families as well as six greenhouses. Each hothouse costs approximately 1,300 Euro and can provide about 100 people with food.

The families are also equipped with seeds worth 30 Euro as well as tools to cultivate the vegetables. A project officer will make regular house calls to assist and to train the families and the cooperatives. In order to make sure that disasters like the floods last summer will never again hit the people to that extent, risk management plans will be adapted, too.

Help us to build a livelihood for the people in Somaliland.

Please support us with your donation. Mahadsanid (thank you so much).

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