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Even so in Sri Lanka most children, fortunately, attend a school, the educational sector of the country is still characterized by enormous barriers. As school lessons often only provide basics, expensive tutorial classes are needed to internalize the basic knowledge by additional exercises and repetitions. The pandemic has worsened massively the already heavily strained economic situation of many families. humedica Lanka engages to enforce the triangular concept of child, teachers and parents. This way, children receive knowledge and capacities, which help them to take on life successfully - not only academically, but also outside school. Only when this integrated concept works, children and their families can break the cycle of poverty in order to assist and support then society by themselves.

Playful learning, but also fun and physical activities are on the agenda of the humedica Grow Center holiday camps. photo: humedica

Education and targeted support for 760 children

The so-called „Child Development Program“ engages especially for children of uneducated and financially weak families. By providing school knowledge, social responsibility and gardening training, children are supported sustainably and prepared for school routine and learning in the Grow Centers. Another focus is on the alphabetization of children at four schools in other parts of the country. Funded by your donations, humedica Lanka already runs 13 Grow Centers in the North, the West as well as in the center of the country and on the isle of Delft. Your contribution also assists our Montessori kindergarten in Manipay in the North of Sri Lanka.

In the Montessori kindergarten, also the smallest ones are already promoted systematically and playfully in order to introduce them to learning. Photos: humedica

Credits and mortgages for food

COVID 19 had a noticeably negative economic and social impact on already endangered local families, because many parents lost their daily income and were no longer able to provide themselves and their children with enough food. Often, they had to fall back on their small savings, raise a credit or mortgage their possessions in order to pay for essential necessities. humedica provides these families with sufficient dry nourishment rations and other food.

If necessity is the mother of invention

In order to respect contact restrictions, but allow also for the children to learn, the Grow Centers had to take on enormous challenges. At first, the locations and the technical resources of local families had to be checked to ensure that children were able to learn at home. Then teaching plans and workbooks were revised and remodeled creatively with pictures, smartboards und videos to motivate the children to learn. The strongly regulated contact of teachers and parents ensured the regular monitoring of their improvements. In the last months we could support numerous families despite the economically strained situation and create and ensure the necessary conditions for the daily education of the children. By distributing schooling materials and clothing, hygiene kits as well as food and by taking over their school fees, we disburden children and their parents to a great extent. Thanks to the creative and unrelenting drive of the Grow Center employees the potentials of these children were not lost to the pandemic.

Thank you for supporting and joining our efforts where we can make a major difference: for children and their education!

Today Januja loves learning. When she grows up, she wants to become a teacher herself and help children to learn to read and write so that they can have a better life than their parents.

How important a constant and consistency is for the lives of children is illustrated by the little Januja. She is 12 years old and attends the 7th class of a public school.

Her parents both work as day laborers and do everything to provide for her and her two sisters. But they do neither have enough time nor knowledge to learn with their children or to control their homework. When Januja suffered from severe learning difficulties and fell back constantly, she started to attend a Grow Center class for slow learners. There, she was able to progress and improve noticeably. During the pandemic, the tutors were not only able to teach her the necessary schoolwork with a lot of time, care and patience, but also to examine and intensify her knowledge by personal testing. „We aim to ensure that children like Januja, who are hit especially hard by such a crisis, get the same chance not only to finish school with a good result but also to become responsible and fully-fledged members of society. We are proud of such children, who do not give up, but keep on working hard nevertheless and succeed against all odds. Now Januja wants to become a teacher herself and support her family“, her instructor reports proudly.

Thank you for helping us with your donation to give children like Januja a real prospect in life. Without our joint efforts such special support would not be possible.

All photos: humedica

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