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Many families have lost everything

Practical support after cyclone Eloise in Mozambique


Our helpers on site report that thousands of people have lost their homes due to Eloise. The cyclone stroke Mozambique last weekend and has brought on not only floods, but also a lot of destruction. The capital Beira has been especially hit hard like two years before by hurricane Idai. In Beira alone, 1,000 houses have been wrecked, about 3,000 have been damaged. According to the authorities, in total approximately 160,000 people suffer from the storm damages. humedica helps.

Cyclone Eloise entailed floods. humedica helps the affected families. Photo: Joint Aid Management

„Many families have lost everything by Eloise. They urgently need food, but also blankets, tents and anything else, which helps them to survive from metal containers for transport up to tablets for cleaning drinking water“, report the intervention team members of our local partner Joint Aid Management (JAM). „Our special focus is on families with children.“

Like two years before after the severe hurricane Idai, also today the long-term consequences are not yet foreseeable. Eloise ruined 136,755 hectares of crops, destroyed nine schools and damaged approximately 17 other schools as well as 11 hospitals according to the local authorities.

Please help the people in Mozambique.

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