Living under poverty level

Social inequality in the Ukraine


A monthly income of about 350€ and living expenses on West European level – today more than 45 per cent of the population are considered poor. In few other European countries the pandemic hit the economy harder, your help is urgently needed! With the humedica supply aid and our relief transports we aim to provide sustainable help for people, who often do not get much media coverage. In cooperation with our project partners, we therefore support several social organizations in the Ukraine.

Thanks to regular contributions we can assist extensively hospitals, institutions for the disabled, retirement homes, orphanages, schools and youth organizations with donations in kind. Your contribution helps us to reach people, who face poverty and illness every day, and enables us to ameliorate the general health care all over the country. humedica engages on site via our two partners Children’s Mission Ukraine (CMU), a branch organization of the Scandinavian Children´s Mission, which in the meanwhile has become one of the biggest aid organizations in the Ukraine, and Mission to Ukraine (MTU), an aid organization, which engages in particular for the needs of handicapped children and other vulnerable groups.

Social institutions and clinics are massively underfinanced

Who depends on medical help in the Ukraine, who gives birth to an ill or disabled child, often faces financial ruin. Medicaments, dressing materials, catheters, gloves and cleaning agents must be paid by the patients themselves. Allowances for disabled people do not cover more than the equivalent of maximum 40€ a month. Most people have no access to educational, funding or service measures needed to meet their special needs.

Help nobody will ever forget

In order to help social institutions to assist vulnerable people, our partners provide them with various goods. Nearly everywhere, dressing materials, operation theatre equipment, orthopedic materials, clothes, school and office equipment are needed urgently and in short supply.
Thanks to our partner MTU, we can support measures specially adapted to meet the needs of children with disabilities. We focus on running a free clinic and offering physiotherapy, trainings and integration measures as well as holiday camps for handicapped children.

Many children are simply abandoned

Despite all, Helen looks positively into the future, because much has changed already. In her apartment there now is not only heating, but also an inside toilet. Her little Karina is better now, too.

Disabilities are still a taboo in the Ukraine. Outdated and discriminating laws still lead to the abandonment of newborns. MTU therefore provides care and support in orphanages and relevant residential schools, humedica helps with dedicated donations in kind funded by your contributions.
Helen and her three children are a family, which depends particularly on the support provided by our partners and us, at the same time it stands as an example for the many families with handicapped children in the Ukraine. As her youngest daughter Karina is four years old and in need of much attention and care, Helen has no time left to go to work. Because the four-year-old suffers from severe physical and mental disabilities, she will never be able to attend a school like her two older siblings. She will depend on special and effortful care for the rest of her life. Her biggest wish is a specific walking aid, for which, unfortunately, there are not enough funds available at the moment. As her spine is gravely deformed, Karina needs such an aid to get up and stand. Thanks to your sponsorship, we hopefully will be able to fulfil her wish soon. For three years now the family receives support, many things have changed for the better in the meanwhile. It still is a small wonder that Karina´s mother can look to the future with confidence and provide her daughter with targeted support.

Drugs and alcohol: flight from the harsh reality

Many Ukrainians must decide daily whether to pay either for bills, food, school materials or medicaments. Today, the whole population is threatened by existential fear, many people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. The family of Marina and her husband Petro stand as example for thousands of families and for the important support allowed for by your donations.

A decision against alcohol and for the family: supported by regular donations in kind Marina, her husband Petro and their children are now able to lead a simple, but dignified life.

Burdened by unemployment and constant existential fear, Marina and Petro drifted into an alcohol addiction. When their youngest child fell severely ill and needed intensive medical care, the sorrows of the family became overwhelming and lead to the downfall into addiction. „Your donations provided our son with medicaments, dressing material, a catheter and all the medical aids he needed during his stay at the clinic. You gave him his first toy, the first flask, pretty baby clothing … We, his parents, did nothing than drinking at the time. Today, I am hurting when I remember this period. Thank you very much that you helped me and my husband to return to a normal life“, says Marina to CMU in retrospect.
An integrated withdrawal and care program as well as regular donations aided both parents and their two elder daughters to get back a regular family life. „When there was only darkness, you believed in me and helped me to believe in myself, too“, Marina thanks the donors in Germany.

All photos: humedica

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