humedica coordinates help and alarms intervention team members

Humedica coordinates help for flood victims in Western Germany


For nearly a week now, several intervention team members, who had been trained by humedica, are helping in the disaster areas in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Now humedica coordinates further relief measures. Photo: humedica

After the devastating flood disaster in the West of Germany, humedica now coordinates urgent relief measures. Immediately after the floods, the aid organization from Kaufbeuren, Germany, had contacted the coordinating authorities and offered help. At the same time, several intervention team members, who had been trained by humedica, support private initiatives on site to help people in need and to bring their experience from abroad into use on site in Germany. On Thursday a truck loaded with generators and other supply goods will hit the road to the disaster areas. Further intervention team members have been alarmed and sent to Western Germany.

Last week more then 160 people lost their lives in the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Countless roads and houses have been destroyed. “We knew immediately that we had to help. Therefore, we did not hesitate to contact the coordinating authorities,“ says humedica chairman Johannes Peter. „The first focus of support was on search and rescue teams as well as clearing work with heavy-duty machines, now we are glad to bring in our medical expertise.“

The humedica supporters will go from door to door to ask where people need medical help, which can not be provided otherwise now. A truck brings urgently need generators, pumps and other supply goods to the disaster area, too.

„We work closely with the people on site and are ready to start further aid measures. We are already thinking about the aftermath of the disaster and how we can help the affected people to rebuild their homes,“ continues Peter.

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