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humedica assists people in India

Also during the second Covid-19 virus wave


Also during the second severe wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, the Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica supports the people in the subcontinent. In cooperation with „humedica India“ and the local partner Reformed Presbyterian Church North East India (RPCNEI) the non-profit organization distributes food as well as relief goods necessary for daily live. Approximately 50 per cent of the rural population in India are daily laborers. Therefore, humedica also helps them to secure their living.

Former day laborers waiting for the food parcels distributed by humedica. Photo: humedica

At present, India suffers especially hard from the Covid pandemic consequences. The country reports record numbers regarding deaths and new infections. In several locations, the health care system has broken down completely, hospitals are lacking oxygen.

„Many healthy people are afraid to become infected“, reports humedica board member Johannes Peter. „They also fear for their very existence. The majority of the Indian inhabitants work as day laborers or migrant workers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have lost their jobs and their income.”

Since the start of the pandemic, humedica hence supports affected families and singles with food and items necessary for their daily lives. The organization also helps them to build up a new livelihood by providing goods like seeds, cattle, sewing machines or weaving looms. „These are intended to secure the families a certain independence and a long-term income“, says Johannes Peter.

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