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Heavy earthquake in Haiti

humedica coordinates relief measures


The Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica helps after the heavy earthquake in Haiti. Saturday morning (local time), the tremors measuring 7,2 destroyed streets and buildings. People were killed and injured.

“Many inhabitants are injured. But the physical strain on the people in Haiti is also enormous,” explains humedica general manager Johannes Peter. When many inhabitants had just lost everything in the heavy earthquake, they were already stricken by the next disaster, the tropical storm “Grace”.

"Houses tumbled down and killed whole families. Travelling is difficult as one major bridge has been destroyed", reports Gladys Thomas from the humedica partner Fondation pour les Enfants d´Haiti directly on site on the Caribbean island.

Before departure at Fraport: Our team will analyze in detail what assistance is needed most.

A three-member humedica intervention team was already sent from Frankfurt to the disaster area to provide first aid on site together with the partners. „We are in permanent contact with our partners as well as with the coordinating authorities. We will do all we can to help the people,“ says Peter.

The coordination team carries with it for example a so-called PAUL water backpack, which purifies drinking water and will be handed over to the people in the affected areas.

Furthermore, humedica sends personal protection equipment to Haiti as well as a medical kit, which can be used to provide first aid to injured people.

In preparation for a second medical team the intervention team members will try to get a clearer picture of the situation on site in order to assess, which kind of help the inhabitants will need most urgently after first aid has been provided.

Image explanation on PAUL

PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) was developed to enable people in crisis situations or remote areas to filter water independently. Because it can be carried on the back and is relatively handy, it is also known as a water backpack.
What is particularly important for our emergency forces, especially in remote disaster areas without sufficient infrastructure, is that PAUL does not require electricity and is therefore ready for immediate use.

The principle of the water filter is simple: put contaminated water in the top, wait a few minutes, tap off drinking water.
To ensure that the filter can be used by anyone, it comes without a manual. Only universally understandable pictograms explain the handling.
On average, a water backpack brought into the field by us can filter 1,200 liters a day for 10 years and thus supply about 300 people with water.

Drinking water is a fundamental right and essential for disease prevention

PAUL costs 1,000€. With your donation you enable us for example to buy more water backpacks. This way we can preserve the basic right to clean water for the people in Haiti during the crisis.

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„As Haiti gets hit time and again by natural disasters, humedica and the Fondation pour les Enfants d´Haiti have already deposited relief goods on the island some time ago in order to be able to react immediately in emergencies like this,“ explains humedica general manager Johannes Peter.

Since Saturday humedica engages with the help of partners on site. In the course of its proactive aid, humedica held in storage in total 300 hygiene kits and protective tents providing shelter from wind and weather, cooking materials for 150 families as well as about 500 buckets. „The situation is chaotic. Nevertheless, we are currently organizing transports to the disaster area carrying relief goods stocked especially for emergency situations like this“, Thomas reports. An ambulance, which was financed by humedica in 2017, is already in operation.

Debris and rubble are still massively hampering the necessary relief efforts and the passage of emergency forces. Tropical storm "Grace" continues to heat up the already highly tense situation. Foto: Wilson Jovin

For many years now, humedica works very well with Gladys Thomas and her organization Fondation pour les Enfants d´Haiti. „The contact has been established since the heavy earthquake in 2010, when we worked together to provide emergency help,“ reports Peter. After the hurricane Matthew, too, humedica and the partner organization worked together to support the Haitians.

Haiti is said to be the poorest country of the American continent. Once and again, the island state is hit by natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. The political situation, too, has been unstable for years. Only four weeks ago, the Haitian state president has been murdered.

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